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Companies that Specialize in Large Scale Antibody Production and Development

Here is a list of over 60 contract antibody suppliers who will take your research grade antibody and scale it up for clinical use or for use in a diagnostic assay, usually under GMP or cGMP guidelines. These companies specialize in both the development and large scale production of polyclonal and/or monoclonal antibodies.

If you are interested in the custom production of research scale quantities of antibodies, see our custom antibody suppliers page. If you are interested in catalog antibody suppliers, see our antibody companies page.

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  1. A-Bio - (monoclonal) - a cGMP mammalian cell culture manufacturing facility in Singapore with a focus on producing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for clinical trials. The facility is qualified to meet US FDA ( and European EMEA ( GMP guidelines.

  2. Adar Biotech - (monoclonal) - production and purification of monoclonal antibodies (up to 10 grams) in serum-free media

  3. Aeres - (monoclonal) - contract services to produce humanised antibodies via CDR-grafting. They will also generate stable mammalian cell lines expressing recombinant antibodies for therapeutic use and offer other antibody engineering services.

  4. Affinity Life Sciences - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - a GMP facility that can provide custom services including in vitro diagnostic kit production, reagent formulation, vial filling and labeling, kit assembly and labeling, and microplate coating of target molecules. They can also provide monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development, antibody purification and conjugation, as well as assistance in immunoassay design, development, production, and commercialization.

  5. Agri-Bio - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - provider of antisera and antibodies for the diagnostic industry

  6. Alpha Biologics - (monoclonal) - a cGMP compliant contract manufacturer of mammalian cell secreted biologics for use in pre-clinical, Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III clinical trials for the global market. Alpha specializes in master and manufacturing cell bank generation, process development, and cGMP production and purification in a 5,000 m2 US FDA design reviewed facility.

  7. Anaspec - (monoclonal)

  8. Antibody Solutions - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - capabilities include the discovery of therapeutic antibodies and the development and manufacturing of critical reagent ancillary antibodies and assays required for drug development, e.g. anti-idiotype and PK study antibodies.  High quality well documented production up to several grams.

  9. Anogen - (monoclonal) - contract manufacture, developer, and supplier of antibodies for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use

  10. Antitope - manufacturers of mammalian cell lines producing high levels of humanized antibodies for clinical trials

  11. Abpro - (monoclonal) - production of monoclonal antibodies in up to gram quantities

  12. Apolife - (monoclonal) - a contract R&D company providing custom production of recombinant monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins using variety of organisms including yeast. Their"Twin Cassette" technology is used to produce cost effective recombinant products using automated 10 L fermenters.

  13. Avid Bioservices - (monoclonal) - contract manufacturing services utilizing mammalian cell lines expressing recombinant monoclonal antibodies and proteins for therapeutic use in all phases of clinical trials including commercial production and for diagnostic applications. A cGMP facility contains stirred tank mammalian cell bioreactors from 30L up to 300L and is supported by process development and downstream purification groups. Bulk filling services are also offered.

  14. Aves Lab - specializing in chicken (IgY) antibodies, they are a large-scale provider of antibody products and custom antibody services

  15. Bethyl Laboratories - (polyclonal) - 30 years experience in producing antisera and antibody products for the diagnostic industry

  16. Bio X Cell - (monoclonal) - custom fermentation and purification services for the production of monoclonal antibodies in hybridoma cells.  They use stirred tank fermenters and wavebag systems.  Production ranges  from 5 to 500 L.

  17. Biocult - (monoclonal) - ISO-9002 certified and capable of pilot production, establishing of cell banks, and the manufacture of product for clinical (Phase I) studies according to GMP guidelines

  18. BioGenes - (monoclonal, polyclonal, immunoassays) - BioGenes gives a guarantee for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. They develop stable monoclonal antibody cell lines within 3-4 months and need just 0.2 mg of protein for the whole development. All results and clones become the property of the customer. They also offer contract services for development, validation and production of immunoassays.

  19. BioInvent Production - (monoclonal) - a large scale contract manufacturer of mammalian cell derived proteins. Contracted output includes different monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for therapeutic use in all phases of clinical trials in the US and Europe.

  20. BioProcessing - (monoclonal) - monoclonal antibodies and diagnostic control serums for clinically approved and novel immuno-assays. In addition, BioProcessing also provides contract hybridoma and large-scale cell culture services for the biotechnology industry.

  21. BioProtein - (monoclonal)

  22. Bio-Rad (formerly AbD Serotec) - (monoclonal, recombinant proteins) - recombinant monoclonal antibody generation in vitro; antibodies in as little as 8 weeks with >90% success, long term consistent supply, provision of sequence; formerly AbD Serotec.

  23. BioReliance - (monoclonal) - offers a full range of services for the testing of monoclonal antibody-based products from early preclinical development to licensed product

  24. BluePoint Bioscience - contract developer and manufacturer of mouse monoclonal antibodies using in vitro cell culture systems: hybridoma development, production, and cell culture services

  25. Capralogics - (polyclonal) - high volume production of serums for research, discovery, and diagnostic applications. USDA certified "scrapie-free" goats dedicated for diagnostic antibody production. Approved EU collection facility.

  26. Cell Essentials - (monoclonal) - contract hybridoma development as well as large scale monoclonal antibody production and purification using roller bottles, spinner flasks and stirred-tank bioreactors

  27. Cell Signaling Technology (monoclonal) cGMP manufacturing. Custom production capabilities allow flexibility to manufacture, formulate and package according to your unique requirements

  28. Charles River Laboratories - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  29. CMC Biologics - specializing in the development and production of  antibodies using both mammalian and microbial cell culture technologies. Their platform technologies (CHEF1 cell line construction, analytical package, scale-up (from 5L directly to cGMP 750L bioreactor)) allow CMC to produce clinical material within 7 months.

  30. Covance Research Products - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - Covance Research Products is a provider of antibody products and custom antibody services. Custom services include hybridoma development, ascites and in vitro scale up, and associated immunochemistry (e.g., purification, characterization, and conjugation).

  31. Creative Biolabs - (monoclonal) - mAb bioreactor production up to 100 grams

  32. Diatec - (monoclonal) - contract production of antibodies from 50 mg to 30 grams with larger volumes available upon request. In vitro production is used.

  33. Europa Bioproducts - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - able to produce IgY chicken antibodies from research quantities to industrial scale in a GMP facility.

  34. Fapon - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - a raw material supplier for both in vitro diagnostic and research fields. They develop and manufacture monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (mouse, rabbit, or chicken) and recombinant antigens using in vivo methods. The products they develop can be used in ELISAs, rapid tests, and for Western blots.

  35. Florida Biologix - a non-profit cGMP contract testing and manufacturing organization that can help you produce, test, bank and/or fill antibodies for pre-clinical, Phase I, or Phase II clinical trials.

  36. Formatech - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  37. Fusion Antibodies - offering a full development package from proof of concept through to cGMP scale up

  38. Gala Biotech - (monoclonal) - platform technology that can produce high expressing, stable mammalian cell lines starting with antibody subunit cDNA. Gala can also carry out contract manufacture of Phase I/II cGMP material.

  39. Gallus Immunotech - (polyclonal) - can produce chickent antibodies on an industrial scale and in a GMP facility

  40. Goodwin Biotechnology - (monoclonal) - GBI is a fully integrated contract manufacturer of diagnostic and clinical biologics. They assist clients in managing risk, expediting product approval, and controlling costs by providing services from cell banking and process development to final vialed product, cost effective manufacturing strategies, analytical testing, and regulatory support.

  41. Genhelix - (monoclonal) - A cGMP facility with cellular fermentation, production, and purification capabilities

  42. Harlan - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - monoclonal antibody production for use in diagnostic or therapeutic applications can be performed in their cGMP, FDA-registered facility or can be performed under non-cGMP conditions to save time and reduce costs. Polyclonal production in rabbits, goats/sheep, mice, rats, etc... and other services including peptide synthesis, conjugation, purification, and hybridoma development are available.

  43. Novasep - (monoclonal) - a Belgian cGMP contract manufacturing company that offers cell line and process development, cGMP production up to a 300L scale, purification, fill and finish, and phase I and II clinical trial assistance.

  44. Icosagen - (monoclonal)

  45. ImmunoReagents -(polyclonal) - large-scale manufacturer of polyclonal antibodies (to human proteins) for use in research and in vitro diagnostics

  46. Inno Biologics - (monoclonal) - a cGMP contract manufacturing facility which produces monoclonal antibodies using mammalian cells for pre-clinical, phase I, II and III. Located in Malaysia, they also offer services like gene cloning, protein expression, cell banking, and process development. The facility is designed to meet US FDA and EMEA standards.

  47. InVivo BioTech - (monoclonal) - They offer a wide range of services including the development and production of monoclonal antibodies (from 1 mg to 1 kg), recombinant proteins for diagnostic and pre-clinical use, cell line development, and transient transfection. They also offer the production of monoclonal antibodies under serum-free conditions which can avoid the drawbacks of serum based processes.

  48. KBI BioPharma - (monoclonal) - GMP compliant human therapeutic and vaccine products with the capabilities for the custom production and purification of monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic use

  49. Lampire Biological Laboratories - (monoclonal) - in vitro, from research to bulk lots. Other services include hybridoma development, cell line optimization, serum-free production, supernatant concentration and purification

  50. Laureate Pharma - (monoclonal) - development and cGMP manufacture of monoclonal antibodies for clinical use. They provide a wide range of product development services from process design and development to full-scale cGMP production, purification and aseptic filling, as well as corresponding analytical services and regulatory support.

  51. Leinco - (monoclonal) - monoclonal antibody development and in vitro production up to kilogram quantities. Low endotoxin in vivo functional formulation and purification is also available.

  52. Lonza - expertise at developing and producing antibodies via mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation.  They offer a range of services including cell line construction, protein design and engineering, process development, scale-up and production.

  53. Maine Biotechnology Services - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - Custom cGMP monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production & development, including in vitro and ascites production methods. Additional services include purification, affinity purification, and conjugation.

  54. Medicago - (monoclonal) - a ISO 9001 facility capable of monoclonal antibody production and purification under GMP standards

  55. Medix Biochemica - (monoclonal) - production of monoclonal antibodies from a few hundred milligrams to hundreds of grams for the in-vitro immunodiagnostics industry 

  56. Meridan Life Science - (monoclonal) - large scale in vivo and in vitro mAb production in a ISO 9001:2008 Certified and EC1774/2002 Approved Facility

  57. MicroPharm - (polyclonal)

  58. Miltenyi Bioprocess - (monoclonal) - cGMP mammalian and hybridoma cell culture manufacturing. They offer cell bank production and storage, process development, cGMP production in up to 200 L scale bioreactors, purification, fill and finish (with optional lyophilization) for clinical trials

  59. M-Scan - located in the UK, Switzerland, US, and Germany. A GLP/cGMP, FDA inspected contract laboratory with a core competence in antibody protein and carbohydrate chemical analysis according to ICH guidelines. Services range from intact molecular weight determination, MS peptide mapping, extensive glycan characterisation, isoform characterisation up to the de-novo sequencing of antibodies.

  60. Operon - large-scale production and purification (from a few hundred milligrams to dozens of grams) for the in vitro immunodiagnostics industry

  61. ORPEGEN Pharma - (monoclonal) - regulatory compliant (GMP) production of antibodies from custom provided hybridoma or recombinant cells

  62. PacificGMP - (monoclonal) - provides development and cGMP production services for recombinant antibodies and proteins. They specialize in using disposable technologies and Wave Bioreactors from 10 to 1000 liter batch sizes or on the perfusion scale.

  63. P.A.R.I.S - (monoclonal) - in vitro production on the large-scale

  64. Polymun Scientific - (monoclonal) - contract development and manufacturing with a focus on mammalian cell technology in protein-free expression and production systems. Optimization of product yield during cell line establishment and by process development. Production of GMP-compliant biopharmaceuticals.

  65. ProBioGen - (monoclonal) - mammalian/vertebrate, higher-producing cell engineering, non-GMP/GMP manufacturing of antibodies including lead optimization, cell banking, and process development. They have established various analytical methods and cell-based assays like ADCC to measure product quality and provide project management as well as regulatory support.

  66. Proteodynamics - a provider of LP compliant analytical services for characterization and validation of antibodies and other proteins according to ICH guidelines. Services for primary characterization and batch-to-batch comparison include analysis of the intact molecule, peptide mapping, N-terminal, and MS sequencing, analysis of PTM, including full characterization of glycosylation profiles.

  67. PX'Therapeutics - (monoclonal) - PX’Monoclonals is a technology platform dedicated to custom manufacturing and engineering of  high affinity monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic, and cGMP analytical development applications

  68. RD-BIOTECH - (monoclonal) - custom developement and multigram production of monoclonal antibodies by ascites or in vitro methods. Generation of stable mammalian cell lines expressing recombinant antibodies for therapeutic uses. In addition, they offer purification, coupling, and ELISA development services.

  69. Sino Biological - large scale antibody production and purification services from hybridoma culture, transient transfection, and stable cell lines up to a 100 gram scale

  70. Southern Biotechnology Associates - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  71. Strategic Diagnostics - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - antibodies are produced using in vivo (ascites) and in vitro (roller bottle) methods under cGMP guidelines

  72. Syd Labs - large scale antibody production and purification for diagnostic or therapeutic applications

  73. Syngene - Providers of cGMP and non-GMP production services for proteins and antibody products for pre-clinical and clinical Phase I and II materials. Their contract manufacturing services cover cGMP manufacturing and quality control of biopharmaceutical products based on microbial and mammalian expression technologies including batch, fed-batch, and perfusion technologies.

  74. TGA Sciences - (monoclonal) - offering customized immunoassay development and validation (GLP and cGMP) in addition to in vivo animal studies, immunogenicity testing, and monoclonal antibody production.

  75.  Xcellerex - (monoclonal) - contract manufacturing services expressing recombinant monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and proteins for therapeutic use in all phases of clinical trials. They have both non-cGMP and a cGMP facility that contains stirred tank bioreactors from 50L up to 2,000L supported by process development and downstream purification groups.




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