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Companies that Provide Custom Antibody Services

Here is a list of over 180 custom antibody suppliers with a brief categorization of the kind of services that they provide. Definitions of descriptors are as follows:

  1. peptides - indicates that a company will synthesize peptide haptens. Visit the Peptide Resource Page if you are interested in custom peptide synthesis.  It is important to note that as a hapten a peptide may not achieve the same effect as a native protein. Such factors that limit the utility of a peptide in this application are the 3-dimensional structure of the peptide, which may differ from the whole protein, and the antigenicity of the peptide.  Various prediction tools exist to calculate peptide antigenicity.

  2. recombinant proteins - indicates that a company will express recombinant protein immunogens

  3. DNA - indicates the company can perform cDNA immunizations to generate antibodies

If you are interested in catalog antibodies, see our antibody supplier page. If you are interested in the large scale or regulatory compliant production of antibodies, see our large-scale antibody production page.

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  1. ProMab Biotechnologies - (monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant proteins, peptides) - Offers custom antibody services with over 10 years experience in hybridoma development, as well as recombinant protein expression. Also a supplier of catalog antibodies.

  2. Mayo Antibody Hybridoma Core - (monoclonal) - The Antibody Hybridoma Core is a custom monoclonal antibody manufacturing facility located at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. We specialize in producing custom monoclonal antibodies.

  3. 21st Century Biochemicals - (polyclonal, peptides)

  4. Abbiotecpolyclonal, peptides)

  5. Abbiosci, Inc. - Polyclonal, monoclonal and recombinant antibodies.

  6. AbboMax - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  7. Abcore - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides); Antibody production performed at USDA and NIH certified facilities in the United States for customers worldwide. Polyclonal antibody production in rabbits, chickens and goats as well as monoclonal antibody production in-vitro and in-vivo.

  8. ABexpress Lab - (monoclonal)

  9. AbFrontier - (monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant proteins, peptides)

  10. Abgent - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant) - Abgent develops custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for ELISA, WB, IF, IHC, IF applications including modification-state specific and small molecule antibodies. Drug discovery services such as flow cytometry, recombinant protein expression or antibody sequencing are also available.

  11. Abmart - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) - custom “application guaranteed” monoclonal antibodies for ELISA, WB, IP, IF, ICC, IHC applications, including protein modification-specific and small molecule antibodies.

  12. AbMax Biotechnology Company - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  13. Abnova - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) - Abnova develops antibodies in mice and rabbit with full-length proteins.  Protein production is based on eukaryotic expression apparatus of in vitro wheat germ and mammalian systems.  Antibody pairing service is also available for your quantitative needs.

  14. Abpro - (monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant proteins) - a service to obtain custom hybridomas in less than 2 months (High Throughput Protocol™) is offered utilizing a proprietary engineered mouse with a boosted immune system that allows Abpro to produce high affinity antibodies and a broader epitope spread

  15. Absea Biotechnology - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, peptides) - rat and murine monoclonals. Antibody conjugation and purification, Fab or F(ab')2 fragment production, and sandwich ELISA development as well.

  16. ABSinobio - (polyclonal, recombinant proteins)

  17. Adar Biotech - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - monoclonal antibody development using a proprietary selection process which replaces HAT selection medium as well as chicken polyclonals

  18. Advy Chemical - (polyclonal) - a custom antibody manufacturer based in Mumbai, India that specializes in goat polyclonal antibodies

  19. Affinity Life Sciences - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - Antibody production, purification, and conjugation.

  20. Agro-Bio - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - chicken antibodies

  21. AgriSera - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - hens (IgY)-, rabbits, and goats

  22. AGTC Bioproducts - (polyclonal, peptides) - can produce 5-8 mls of pAbs in mice at titres similar to a rabbit. A choice can be made to go on to produce mAbs using the same mice.

  23. Alpha Diagnostics - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - including complete protein sequence analysis, BLAST, and antigenic peptide selection

  24. Alta Bioscience - (polyclonal, peptides)

  25. AMS Biotechnology - (monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant proteins, peptides) - including phospho specifice polyclonal antibody production

  26. Anaspec - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  27. Anawa Trading Company - (polyclonal, peptides)

  28. Antagene - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  29. Anogen - (monoclonal)

  30. Antibodies Incorporated - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  31. AntibodyBcn - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - rabbit monoclonals

  32. Antibody Production Services - An independent UK production company for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Antibody services include peptide synthesis, conjugation services, large scale custom production in both serum based and serum-free systems. Other Services available include kit production, reagent formulation, vial filling and labelling, kit assembly and labelling, sterile filtration for sera, media, buffers and other formulations.

  33. Antibody Research Corporation - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, DNA) - in vitro antibody production as well

  34. Antiserum Plus - (polyclonal) - specializing in sheep antiserum

  35. Aves Lab - (polyclonal, peptide) - specializing in custom antibodies made in chickens (IgY). They offer peptide design and synthesis, IgY purification, affinity purification, primary antibody labeling, etc...

  36. Avian Immunology - (polyclonal)- specializing in custom antibodies made in chickens (IgY).

  37. BAM Biotech Company - (polyclonal, peptides) - rabbit and chicken antibodies

  38. Beijing Protein Innovation - (polyclonal, monoclonal, recombinant proteins) - for the website in Chinese, click here.

  39. Bethyl Laboratories - (polyclonal, peptides)

  40. BioAtla - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - antibody development services include humanization and optimization for affinity (sub-nanomolar), stability, and expression.  Custom Fc and Fv optimization/production as well.

  41. BioCarta - (polyclonal, monoclonal, recombinant proteins)

  42. Bio X Cell - (monoclonal) - custom fermentation and purification of monoclonal antibodies (mg - g amounts), low endotoxin, suited for animal studies

  43. Biogenes - (monoclonal, polyclonal, immunoassays) - BioGenes gives a guarantee for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. They develop stable monoclonal antibody cell lines within 3-4 months and need just 0.2 mg of protein for the whole development. All results and clones become the property of the customer. They also offer contract services for development, validation and production of immunoassays.

  44. Biomatik - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) offers quality guaranteed polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for your demanding antibody application needs. ELISA/WB guaranteed pAb starts from $790 in 2-3 months; quality guaranteed custom monoclonal antibody starts at $3390 in merely 60 days! Simply fill out quote request form to receive your non-obligation quote today!

  45. BioNanoSci - (monoclonal) - 2 month express service

  46. Biomolecular Integrations - A biotechnology company specializing in custom antibodies and the development, manufacturing and distribution of a variety of biochemical reagents including ELISA Kits. Additionally, we offer a wide range of custom services including consulting and contract research. Our mission is to provide highest quality and cost effective services completed in a timely manner by higly qualified PhD level scientists

  47. Bionexus - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  48. Bioo Scientific - (polyclonal, monoclonal, recombinant proteins) - including antigen design

  49. Bio-Rad (formerly AbD Serotec) - (monoclonal, recombinant proteins) - recombinant monoclonal antibody generation in vitro; antibodies in as little as 8 weeks with >90% success, long term consistent supply, provision of sequence; formerly AbD Serotec. 

  50. Biosonda - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  51. Bio-Synthesis - (polyclonal, peptides) - their services include epitope prediction, carrier protein conjugation, antibody labeling, and antibody microarrays.  BSI holds an NIH Animal Welfare Assurance from the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare for immunization and works with host animals under USDA license.

  52. Biotem - (monoclonal, polyclonal, DNA) - custom hybridomas development can be achieved using a variety of immunization types: standard, substractive, in vitro, genetic. This French company also offers full range of other services are available including antibody purfication and modification, assay development, antibody characterization (e.g., affinity constant determination), and cell culture services.

  53. Biotrend - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  54. Bioventix - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - specializing in sheep monoclonal antibodies in up to gram quantities

  55. bio-WORLD - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - purification and conjugation with specific tags too

  56. Brown Family Enterprises - (polyclonal, peptides)

  57. B2S Life Sciences - B2S Life Sciences is a Biotherapeutic Enablement company. We offer services and products that help pre improved biotherapeutic drug development. Our B2S Labs service line specializes in custom and pre-made reagents such as antibodies and proteins. Additional services include reagent characterization, assay development, and life-cycle management.

  58. Cambridge Research Biochemicals - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - also specializing in the fluorescent labelling of antibodies

  59. Capralogics - (polyclonal) - high volume production of serums for research, discovery, and diagnostic applications. USDA certified "scrapie-free" goats dedicated for diagnostic antibody production.  They are a EU and NIH compliant collection facility.

  60. Capra Science - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - Europe-based on-site production of custom antibodies and conjugation/purification services

  61. CASLO - (polyclonal, peptides)

  62. Cedarlane Laboratories -  (polyclonal, peptides) - antibodies can be produced in rabbits, sheep, guinea pigs, ferrets, goats, mice, rats,  and more 

  63. Cell Essentials - (monoclonal, peptides) - Contract cell culture services are also available and include cell banking/storage, hybridoma rescue, and hybridoma recloning

  64. Centre Lago - (polyclonal) - specializing in rabbit polyclonals

  65. Charis Diagnostics - (monoclonal) - specializing in producing monoclonal antibodies to small molecules and assay development

  66. Charles River Laboratories - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - specific-pathogen-free (SPF) animals are used with the intent to produce antibodies with minimal serum background signal

  67. Cocalico Biologicals - (polyclonal) - USDA inspected and approved laboratory animal facilities

  68. Clonegene - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - Designs and generates antibodies to proteins of fundamental and therapeutic interest. Claims to use a proprietary algorithm to design peptide antigens to give antibodies with very high affinity. Validation of antigen identity by siRNA knockdown.

  69. Covalab - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  70. Covance - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  71. Creative Biolabs - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - custom IgY production

  72. Cusabio Biotech Co., Ltd - more than 40000 antibodies with the application of ChIP, WB, IHC, IF. More than 400 antibody pairs for ELISA

  73. Custom Monoclonals International - (monoclonal)

  74. CytoMol - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins)

  75. Davids Biotechnologie - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  76. DB Biotech - (rabbit clonal) - utilizes a new technology that produces high quality rabbit clonal monospecific antibodies, a pure immunoglobulin fraction that corresponds to a single clone of a B lymphocyte. The company claims the fraction recognizes a single linear epitope of an antigen and is therefore comparable to the specificity of a monoclonal antibody.

  77. Deciphergen Biotechnology - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  78. Denovo Biotechnology - (polyclonal, monoclonal) - Monoclonal antibodies from mouse and polyclonal antibodies from rabbit, mouse, chicken, goat, sheep, donkey or llama. They also offer recombinant protein expression, purification from different hosts, scale?up and assay development services.

  79. Diatec - (monoclonal) - In vitro production with choice of buffer, raw material, culturing media, vialing, concentration and packaging. From mouse, rat, human, rabbit and CHO cells. 50mg to >100g per year per contract. They also have license rights for several cell lines for production of monoclonal antibodies against human CD-markers and other leukocyte markers (amount >20mg). ISO 9001 quality system.

  80. ECM Biosciences - (polyclonal, peptides) - specializing in custom rabbit polyclonal antibody services. The also offer services to develop phospho-specific antibodies, function-altering antibodies, and antibodies for various applications, such as western blot and immunocytochemistry.

  81. EMBL Monoclonal Antibody Core Facility - (monoclonal)

  82. Endocrine Technologies - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  83. EnoGene - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  84. Enzymax - (polyclonal) - fusion protein purification for antibody production

  85. Epitomics - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant) - RabMAbs (rabbitt monoclonal antibodies) and humanized RabMAbs

  86. Epytop - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  87. Eurogentec - (polyclonal, peptides)

  88. exonbio - (monoclonal) - Monoclonal antibody development from immunized rabbit, llama, chicken, mouse or vaccinated human with proprietary Single Plasma Cell Interrogation Technology (SPIN®).

  89. First Phase Technologies - specializing in custom antibody and tissue microarrays. They use state of the art printing technologies to print your antibodies on diagnostic substrates.

  90. Fusion Antibodies - (monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant proteins) - scFv construction/manufacturing and Fab production

  91. Gallus Immunotech -  (polyclonal, peptides) - specialzing in chicken antibodies. 

  92. GEMAC - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - hapten-carrier conjugation services and experience in producing antisera to low molecular weight molecules

  93. Genemed Synthesis - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  94. General Bioscience - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  95. GeneTel Laboratories - monoclonal antibodies in mouse and polyclonal antibodies in chickens and rabbits, using native and / or recombinant proteins and synthesized peptides. They claim to be the world leader in in chicken antibody production.

  96. Genosphere Biotechnologies - (polyclonal, peptides)

  97. Aldevron (formerly Genovac) - (monoclonal, polyclonal, DNA, peptides, recombinant proteins) - Reagent antibodies, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Many years of experience, their technology has been developed to cater for all protein targets. They claim many publications and worldwide clients. Services include: immunisation with DNA, protein or peptide, recombinant protein expression, peptide design and synthesis, gene synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, monoclonal antibody purification, conjugation, fragmentation, DNA sequencing of heavy and light chains, epitope mapping.

  98. GenScript  - (monoclonal, polyclonal, DNA, peptides) - GenScript guarantees an ELISA titer of 1:32,000 or better for polyclonal antibody and two positive clones for a monoclonal antibody if peptide antigens were designed, synthesized, and conjugated by GenScript. For qualified protein antigens, they guarantee positive Western blot results for both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. GenScript antibody services include recombinant antigen protein expression, antigen peptide design and synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, express antibody production, purification, conjugation, fragmentation, and immunoassay development.

  99. Genway Biotech - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins)

  100. GL Biochem (Shanghai) - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  101. Good Biotech - (polyclonal) - "the duck biofactory" - duck IgY antibodies

  102. Gramsch Laboratories - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  103. Green Mountain Antibodies - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - projects have a manager assigned to assist you.  They also offer serum free antibody production, low endotoxin purification, specialized assay development, and cell culture services.

  104. Harlan Bioproducts - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  105. Harlan UK - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - polyclonals produced in rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep and llama. Their monoclonal service includes hybridoma development and in vivo or in vitro production.

  106. HyperOmics Farma - (polyclonal, recombinant proteins) - custom-made IgY primary antibodies and the supply of the complementary reagents

  107. Icosagen - (monoclonal) - including recombinant antibody production in QMCF/CHO cells

  108. Imgenex -  (polyclonal)

  109. Imgenex India - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins)

  110. Immunechem - (polyclonal)

  111. ImmunoGlobe Antikoerpertechnik - (polyclonal)

  112. ImmunoKontact - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  113. ImmunoPrecise Antibodies - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - from immunization to mAbs in 65 days (Rapid-Prime). 

  114. Immunsystem - (polyclonal) - specializing in avian antibodies

  115. Inbio - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  116. Innovagen - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  117. Invitrogen - (polyclonal, peptide) - antibody purification, conjugation, and online status tracking using EvoTrack™

  118. InVivo BioTech - (monoclonal) - monoclonal antibodies can be produced under serum-free conditions thereby avoiding issues associated with serum containing processes, for example, contamination with bovine immunoglobulins

  119. Immune Systems Limited - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  120. Jinsite - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - website is in Chinese

  121. LAE Biotechnology Company - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - uses linear array epitope technology (LAE) to produce antibodies (including antibodies against self) to submitted sequences without the need for customers to supply proteins or synthetic peptides

  122. Lampire Biological Laboratories - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - in vivo and in vitro production

  123. Lee Laboratories - (polyclonal) - purified antibodies and antisera to bacterial epitopes and toxins

  124. Leinco - (monoclonal, peptides) - specialities incude the mammalian transgene expression (CHO cells) of monoclonal antibodies and antibody development in hamsters for in vivo murine studies

  125. LifeSpan Biosciences - (polyclonal, peptides) - specializing in the development of immunohistochemistry validated antibodies

  126. LifeTein - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  127. Maine Biotechnology Services - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - Custom cGMP monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production & development, including in vitro and ascites production methods. Additional services include purification, affinity purification, conjugation, mycoplasma testing, and mycoplasma decontamination.

  128. Mathison Immuno Scientific - (monoclonal)

  129. Medicago - (monoclonal)

  130. Medimabs - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - including complete protein sequence analysis, peptide design, and antibody purification

  131. Meridian - (monoclonal, recombinant proteins)

  132. MicroPharm - (polyclonal)

  133. MilleGen - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - with a speciality in antibody engineering including the humanization of monoclonal antibodies

  134. Mimotopes - (polyclonal, peptides) - they design, manufacture, and conjugate peptides for Ab production. Conjugated peptide libraries for Ab production can also be provided.

  135. ModiQuest - (monoclonal) - They can generate human antibodies via B-cell culture technology and can reclone monoclonal antibody domains in bacterial vectors.

  136. Monash Antibody Technologies Facility - (monoclonal, peptides)

  137. Moravian Biotechnology - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  138. Moredun Scientific -  (polyclonal) - including Ab production pigs and cattle.  Antiserum production against hazardous pathogens, up to containment level 3, is also possible.

  139. Neoclone - (monoclonal) - monoclonals are produced using a retroviral method to immortalize which results in more stable cell lines since the resulting cells are not polyploid. Antibodies are produced more quickly (versus cell fusion) and up to 18 antibody cell lines can be provided for standard projects.

  140. New England Peptides - (polyclonal, peptides) - epitope mapping, antigen design, bioinformatics, BLAST, etc...

  141. NovoPro Bioscience - (monoclonal, polyclonal) over 35,000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Providing custom antibodies services: mouse mAb, rabbit pAb and phage display library mAb. Also proteins and peptides custom production.

  142. Operon - (monoclonal, recombinant proteins) - including F(ab) / F(ab')2 production

  143. Open Biosystems - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  144. Orbigen - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  145. Pacific Immunology - (polyclonal, peptides)

  146. Panigen - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  147. Paratopes -(monoclonal) - supplier of custom made rat and mouse monoclonal antibodies. Post translational modified anti-peptide antibodies can also be generated.

  148. P.A.R.I.S - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - also cell banking, purification, labeling, and fragmentation

  149. Phoenix Pharmaceuticals - (polyclonal, peptides)

  150. Pi Proteomics - (polyclonal, peptides)

  151. Pocono Rabbit Farm and Laboratory (PRF&L) - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  152. Precision Antibody - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - custom monoclonal antibodies in 40 to 60 days

  153. Primorigen - (monoclonal) - immunoassay and microarray development/manufacturing also

  154. ProMab Biotechnologies - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - recombinant protein production and hybridoma cells as well

  155. ProSci - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - free antigen design service for peptides. Polyclonal production in rabbits, chickens, goats. Mouse monoclonals. Antibody purification.

  156. Proteintech Group - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins)

  157. Proteogenix - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  158. Proteus Biosciences - (polyclonal) - antibody production in camels, chickens, goats, sheep, horses, and rabbits.

  159. PX'Therapeutics - (monoclonal, DNA)

  160. QED Biosciences - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, DNA) - anti-idiotype and bifunctional antibody production as well

  161. Quality Bioresources - (polyclonal)

  162. Randox Life Sciences - (monoclonal, polyclonal, recombinant proteins)

  163. Randox - polyclonal - haptens, peptides and proteins.

  164. RD-Biotech - (monoclonal, polyclonal) - ascites and in vitro monoclonal antibody production; purification of IgM, IgG, and IgY; conjugation; fragmentation; and banking services

  165. Rockland - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  166. SACRI Antibody Services - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - standard hosts including chickens. Antigen design is also available.

  167. Saurav Chemicals Limited (SCL Biosciences) - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  168. Serumex - (polyclonal) - polyclonal antibodies in rabbits and goats for small through large scale programs.

  169. Shanghai ShineGene Molecular Biotech - (polyclonal, peptides)

  170. Signalway Antibody Company - (polyclonal, peptides) - specializing in the custom production of phospho-specific-antibodies

  171. Sino Biological - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) - rabbit monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

  172. Southern Biotechnology Associates - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  173. Spring Valley Laboratories -  (polyclonal) - polyclonal production in rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, sheep, and goats

  174. Statens Serum Institute - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  175. Storkbio - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - antibody fragmentation production too

  176. Strategic Diagnostics - (monoclonal, polyclonal, DNA) - peptide and immunogen design also

  177. Syd Labs - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) - monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for ELISA, WB, IP, IF, ICC, and IHC applications. Antibodies are produced in goats, mice, rabbits, and rats with unmodified and modified proteins, peptides, and other small molecules. Antibody engineering, pairing, modification, and conjugation services are also available.

  178. Synaptic Systems - (monoclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) -  development and production of customer-specific rat and mouse monoclonal antibodies and antibody production from customer hybridoma cell lines

  179. Thermo Scientific  - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) - formerly ABR - Affinity BioReagents

  180. United States Biological - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides) - including conjugation services (e.g., to biotin, FITC, HRP, and alkaline phosphatase)

  181. Virusys - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides, recombinant proteins) - mouse, rabbit, chicken, goat, sheep, and llama monoclonals

  182. Washington Biotechnology - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)

  183. White Antibodies - (polyclonal) - Experts in Large scale Custom Polyclonal Antisera Production in a range of commonly used species

  184. YenZym - (polyclonal) - offering protein analysis/peptide design

  185. Yes Biotech Laboratories - (monoclonal, polyclonal)

  186. Yorkshire Bioscience - (monoclonal, polyclonal, peptides)




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