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Here are some online educational resources about antibodies. This page is divided into sections for those interested in research (with an emphasis on immunology related websites), educational (for teachers), and health (e.g. screening, allergy, and vaccine) resources. Please email us if you know of any others.

Researcher resources:
  1. Abnum - an online tool that lets you number an antibody sequence or structure automatically using the Kabat or Chothia schemes, as well as a new improved Clothia scheme created by the authors.

  2. Antibody Cross Reactivity Resource - add to the list

  3. Antibody Structure - nicely illustrated

  4. Antigenic Peptide Predictions - a great reference on the title subject. The authors have their own online software that predicts the antigenic sequences of proteins.

  5. Antiphospholipid Antibodies - covers the title subject as well as diagnostic tests

  6. Archive of avian (chicken) antibody research articles - from Gallus Immunotech

  7. BIOSCI bionet Newsgroup Archives - a listing of several newsgroup archives that are searchable by date, author, etc... Search bionet.diagnostics, bionet.immunology, bionet.xtallography, and many others.

  8. How to biotinylate antibodies

  9. Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy page

  10. Chang Bioscience - makers of Abie Pro, software to design peptide antigens, which is sold as part of the BioToolKit 300 package.

  11. Comparative Immunoglobulin Workshop - an all-volunteer group of investigators actively involved in studies on immunoglobulins (Igs), Fc-receptors, T cell receptors (TCR) and their genes in species other than laboratory rats, mice or primates. A major focus is establishment of a standardized nomenclature for Igs, TCRs and Fc-receptors in species of veterinary importance such as farm animals, fish, foul and companion animals as well as species of interest to comparative and evolutionary immunology.

  12. Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies to fluorescent dyes - an in-depth guide to the title subject

  13. The Dictionary of Cell Biology - search the confusing immunology term you never understood

  14. The DNA Vaccine Web - a comprehensive site on this alternative to protein based immunizations

  15. Effector functions of matched sets of recombinant human IgG subclass antibodies - from Mike Clark's Immunoglobulin Structure Home Page

  16. A booklet with everything you wanted to know about IgG subclasses

  17. Fish heavy chain and light chain genes - from the Comparative Immunoglobulin Workshop

  18. Flash animations on dendritic cell antigen presentation and regulatory T cells

  19. A gentle guide to multiple alignment - how to align an immunoglobulin sequence

  20. HIV Molecular Immunology Database - listings of HIV specific monoclonal antibodies, maps of binding sites on HIV proteins, sequence alignments showing global variation of linear binding domains, brief descriptions of how the mAb has been used in HIV studies with Medline links, and where to obtain many of the antibodies in the database.

  21. Human IgG Subclasses Book - an online book from Research Diagnostics

  22. Humanization by Design - designed to help the prospective antibody designer through the variety of choices now available to humanise an antibody. Search forms for sequence and text input are available to aid navigation through the list of humanised antibodies taken from the literature.

  23. Why IgY? Chicken Polyclonal Antibody, An Appealing Alternative - eggs, they're not just for breakfast anymore

  24. Immunohistochemistry – In Situ Hybridization - a protocol and technique focused website

  25. (Brief) Immunization and hybridoma protocols for making monoclonal antibodies - from the Washington University School of Medicine Hybridoma Center

  26. Immunohistochemistry World - a comprehensive resource with links and protocols on the title subject

  27. Immunology related flash animations - how monoclonal antibodies are producted, the cytotoxic action of T cells, T cell dependent antigens, IgE mediated hypersensitivity, and how vaccines are made

  28. The Immunology Book Case - self-described as "immunology for medical students." This online book contains information on antibody structure, antibody recognition, and antibody subtypes. You can even take a test on immunology to quiz yourself!

  29. Immunoprecipitation with soluble antibodies

  30. Immunoteach - Immunology Online - learning software for students of immunology and their tutors. Presently, Immuteach contains 3D-animations on such antibody-related topics as B-cell memory, somatic mutation, ELISA, flow cytometry, and immune scintography.

  31. Information Resources for Adjuvants and Antibody Production: Comparisons and Alternative Technologies - an incredibly informative webpage on the title subject. There are five main sections: Adjuvants, Antibody Production, Guidelines and Policies, Books and Proceedings, Company and Institute Resources. There are many references complete with journal titles that will undoubtably benefit any researcher involved in antibody production.

  32. MAb Journal - written for a general audience, this site describes the history and promise of monoclonal antibodies

  33. Mike Clark's immunoglobulin structure home page - Mike's educational page is one of our favorites. It now contains animated pictures of antibodies, downloadable PDB files of antibodies, a review on the humanisation of monoclonal antibodies, and many more educational links. Make sure you stop by!

  34. The Study of Antibody Recognition´┐Ż - an introduction to the historical development that gave rise to the modern molecular concept of the monoclonal and polyclonal antibody

  35. Molecular Immunology - information on human immunogenetics and immunobiology on health and disease

  36. Monoclonal Antibodies with Clinical Indications - detailed tables containing data on the title subject including a section on antibodies approved for therapuetic use and currently on the market

  37. Online notes - lecture notes with pictures on such subjects as antiviral immunity, principles of immunization, glossary of immunology, and humoral immunity

  38. The Peptide Resource Page (PRP) - visit the PRP to find vendors of custom peptides, peptide synthesis reagents, peptide synthesizers, and peptide-related software

  39. The Rabbit in Immunology & Infectious Disease Research - a website established in response to the need to have a centralized web-based resource for all who use rabbits in research. The goal is to post successfully used reagents, protocols, primer sequences and other information useful to researchers using the rabbit as an animal model of human diseases.

  40. The Recombinant Antibody Page

  41. The Vaccine Page - for researchers, parents, and practitioners

  42. V(D)J Recombination and the Evolution of the Adaptive Immune System - an article from the Public Library of Science

  43. Western blot trouble shooting - Comprehensive trouble shooting guide for western blot technique where many pitfalls of this technique are discussed.

Educator resources:
  1. AAI: Educating the Public - a list of interesting activities for elementary and highschool students, many of which include antibody-related activities including: Shots are a Good Thing, Go To Cells of the Immune System and AIDS, Using Balloons to Teach Immunology, and Teaching High School Students About Transmission of HIV: A Little Experiment.

  2. How lymphocytes produce antibodies - a must-see, animated page from "CELLS alive!".

  3. How monoclonal antibodies are made - a one-page, pictorial description of how to make monoclonal antibodies from a chubby, resigned mouse

  4. A movie entitled "Antibody Catches Lysozyme"

  5. What the heck is an antibody? - this is a good place to begin if you need this question answered.
Health resources:
  1. The Antibody Resource Page receives many inquiries on pregnancy-related antibody disorders or test results. Unfortunately, we do not have the medical expertise to answer such questions. However, there are several organizations that specialize in pregnancy health. See the websites of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynocologists and The March of Dimes. The March of Dimes may have a center near you. You may also find what you need at Lab Tests Online, an excellent website that covers screening and diagnostic tests, including those for newborns, infants, children, and pregnant women.

  2. American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) - a collection of information on various autoimmune related diseases

  3. Antibody Titer - what is it and how the test will be performed
  4. Food Allergy Center - well-written essays relating antibody-antigen responses to food allergies

  5. Lab Tests Online - an excellent website which is self-described as "a public resource on clinical testing from the laboratory professionals who do the testing". Information on how to interpret the results of various antibody related medical tests can be found here.

  6. WebMD Health - a good source for information on various antibody related health tests. Use their search engine to find the information you need.

  7. The Vaccine Page - for researchers, parents, and practitioners






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